Your Comprehensive Guide to Aesthetic
Issues During Cancer Treatment

Style Experts

Style during cancer? This may seem an unlikely pairing, but when you’re in the middle of stressful cancer treatment, getting some advice on style can really help your self-esteem and make your daily life easier.

Whether you’re exhausted from chemotherapy and would like ideas on putting together simple “go-to” outfits, choose flattering clothing for a special night out after surgery, or need guidance about the best-fitting mastectomy bra and swimwear, a stylist can be a great source of information…and inspiration.



Colin Megaro

Wardrobe Stylist and Fashion Expert
New York, NY. USA

Colin Megaro is a NYC/LA based celebrity wardrobe stylist and fashion expert. His signature look combines the glamor of old Hollywood with the timelessness of classic, wearable pieces.

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Beth B. Anderson

Editor-in-Chief of
Tulsa, OK. USA.

Creator and CEO of Chic Galleria Publications and Editor-in-Chief of She is a Vogue Influencer, Lucky Favorite Blogger and sits on the Board of Directors for Nolcha Fashion Week.

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Jennifer Manghisi

Style Expert
New York, NY. USA

Jennifer Manghisi is a New York City-based style expert and author of A Sarcastic Guide to Beating Breast Cancer, published in October, 2012.

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