Your Comprehensive Guide to Aesthetic
Issues During Cancer Treatment

Anne C. Willis

Oncology Skin Therapeutics Education and Skin Care Products

Asheville, NC. USA.

Anne C. Willis LE, CME, is a worldwide leader in holistic skin therapies and the founder of De La Terre Skincare®. Ms. Willis has been recognized for compiling research on herbal compounds for topical use and teaches licensed professionals historically and scientifically validated treatments for a variety of skin conditions.

As a pioneer in medical skin therapies, Ms. Willis developed some of the first skin care programs designed specifically for pre and postoperative skin therapy. The protocols she developed were utilized and recognized by the International medical and aesthetic community.

Ms. Willis lectures nationally regarding holistic skin therapies, collaborative care for medical institutions, and skin reactions incurred by patients receiving combined chemotherapy. She is the director of Oncology Skin Therapeutics™ bringing over 30 years of experience and knowledge to a new generation of skin therapists.

Ms. Willis is certified by the NCCAOM® as a certified medical educator.

“I believe that healing is a process of renewal, transformation, and recovery that increases resilience and wholeness. Our mission is to provide a holistic approach that enhances the patients skin health and overall wellbeing. Our goal is to reduce anxiety, relieve skin symptoms, support skin integrity, and to engage individuals in their own Self Care.” – Anne C. Willis

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