Your Comprehensive Guide to Aesthetic
Issues During Cancer Treatment


During cancer treatment you may want to consult with an aesthetician or other practitioner of skin care treatments in addition to your dermatologist.

Many skincare experts have years of doing facials and body treatments, and have thoroughly researched skin care lines and ingredients. They can guide you in choosing products and procedures that are right for you. Some practice in spas, while others develop their own therapeutic skin care lines that can be helpful to cancer patients with issue such as dry skin or acne.

Taking care of yourself is vital to the healing process, and pampering yourself with skin care treatments and helpful products can do wonders for your body and soul during this stressful time.



Anne C. Willis

Oncology Skin Therapeutics Education and Skin Care Products
Asheville, NC. USA.

Anne C. Willis, LE, CEO, is the founder of De La Terre Skincare and director of Oncology Skin Therapeutics bringing over 30 years of experience and knowledge to a new generation of skin therapists.

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Kimberly Luker

Creator of Botanicals for Hope™ skincare and breast cancer survivor
Shell Beach, CA. USA.

Kimberly Luker is the creator of the natural, nourishing skincare line Botanicals for Hope™, which she developed after being diagnosed with an aggressive form of Stage IIB breast cancer.

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Jennifer Young

Microbiologist and founder of Defiant Beauty, natural skincare for use during cancer treatment.
London, UK.

Jennifer Young is a microbiologist, nutrional therapist and creator of Defiant Beauty, skincare and beauty collections formulated for use by those going through treatment for cancer.

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