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How to Rejuvenate at the Spa



Rejuvenate at the Spa without Running Scared 

A spa treatment can be a wonderful way to relax, particularly during the most stressful times of chemotherapy and radiation treatments. We all know that too much stress if bad for the body under any circumstances; however during cancer treatment it’s even more important to support the body in healing.

You should also take some extra precautions to be safe and fully enjoy the service you so deeply deserve.

Here are some tips from Anne C. Willis, holistic Aesthetician and founder of Oncology Skin Therapeutics. Ms. Willis is also the creator of De La Terre Skincare, widely used by cancer patients.

  • Make sure the spa you choose has experience with cancer patients. Due to skin changes and lowered resistance in the body, patients should be treated by practitioners that have specific training in oncology skin therapies.
  • Make sure you indicate to the practitioner when you received your last medical treatment. This can help them to determine the appropriate spa therapy for you.
  • The spa environment should be soothing and not overly stimulating. Music should be calming. Also ask your aesthetician to avoid using artificial candles or room scents.
  • During cancer treatment your skin is more fragile than usual: skin needs to be nourished and skin activation provided by the aesthetician should be gentle. Pressure point and gemstone therapy are most effective for the oncology client.
  • Avoid steam. If the steam machines are not properly cleaned, they can house bacteria.
  • More than anything, make sure you feel comfortable and supported. And as always, check in with your medical team before enjoying any spa or aesthetic treatment.


Advice from Anne C. Willis

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Rejuvenate at the Spa without Running Scared  A spa treatment can be a wonderful way to relax, particularly Read More




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