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Reclaim your Radiance during Cancer Treatment



Shine from Within during Cancer Treatment

Cancer Coach and breast cancer survivor Jennifer Alhasa knows a thing or two about coping with treatment: “When coping with cancer, it’s not easy to feel OK, much less luminous. It’s hard to watch your hair fall out, your skin go gray and awaken to scars across your chest. But don’t let that dim your glow!”

Here Jennifer shares five ways to reclaim your radiance from within:
1) Let go of the old and embrace the new. What we resist really does persist. Bid farewell to the woman you were and welcome the one in front of you. Look into her eyes and see how gorgeous she is! Buy her long, luscious wigs or sport a sassy new scarf collection. Perhaps you’re done with your treatment and rocking a pixie for the first time. Now’s your chance to strut your stuff! My own “Gina Gershon” wig attracted a whole new Latino demographic. Talk about caliente!

2) Feel your feelings, ALL of them. Not just the warm, fuzzy ones either. Suppressing emotions, especially the hard ones, only leads to more dis-ease so get them up and out! How? Take time by yourself to throw that tantrum on the floor. It’s not fair and it’s doesn’t feel fine to be handed this lot in life. Sure, it’s full of valuable lessons and you’ll show it how tough you are, but first, surrender. There’s nothing more real that that, just ask any toddler!

3) After your deep release, avoid complaining and commiserating. Repeat Step 2 as often as you need to (and yes, you will need to) but don’t let that become your operating style. Instead bring shiny, happy people to treatment and make play dates with friends and family that boost your mood. Follow your joy and find the funny in what’s happening. My sister once quipped, “if they can make a penis they can make a nipple” and we had a blast at chemo that day. It’s possible and the choice is yours!

4) Give thanks in advance for your health. Again, wherever you are in the process, nothing buoys your spirits like faith. Practice saying, “Thank you, Universe (or God or whatever works for you), that I am healed, whole and healthy.” See yourself at the END of the journey, bright and beautiful, a new-and-improved you. She’s a super-survivor, awake, alive and excited to be here. Much like a woman who goes though 9 months of pregnancy, you are the reborn “baby” you get at the end of it all! And, if your treatment is ongoing, know you’re overcoming the odds everyday. You are a warrior goddess and life is showing you how strong you are!

5) Move your body. You might not be able to workout like you used to but just do it. Nothing lifts your life force like getting the blood pumping and your chi flowing! Look for a restorative yoga or Tai Chi class. Find a local indoor pool where you can do a few leisurely laps. The endorphins will lift your spirits and a good mood = soul food. Your body is responding to the signals you send it so make them as healthy as possible. When I was in treatment, I approached the flat-grade treadmill like it was Mt. Etna. But, I made it 10 minutes, and felt like an Olympic athlete and the end!
Shine on, my sisters, and know you are surviving beautifully!

Shine from Within during Cancer Treatment Cancer Coach and breast cancer survivor Jennifer Alhasa knows a thing or Read More




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