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Fawn Monique

Global makeup artist and founder of BeYourFirst organization

New York, NY USA.

Fawn Monique has made her mark in her field and earned the respect of her colleagues with a big heart, humility and an extraordinary talent. Each season she is in high demand by designers during the prestigious NYC Fashion Week, Bridal Market, and Resort Market. Fawn has traveled extensively teaching and inspiring make-up artists to paint their passion and follow their dreams.

Fawn Monique’s artistry expertise spans from celebrity, bridal, grooming, fashion, Editorial, runway, film, television, global Campaigns and special effects. She has completed thousands of bridal applications and can be found enhancing her clients all over the globe. As lead artist she has worked for many famous designers, as well as Kendall and Kylie Jenner, Miss USA 2011, Miss Universe 2011, Ryan Lochte, Haley Baldwin and many others.

Fawn Monique is passionate about her craft and loves painting face. She created BeYouFirst (, a not-for-profit which donates time by makeup artists to underprivileged individuals and families in need to help people see their individual beauty inside and out. Her team of hair and makeup artists lend their skills by teaching skin care and beauty applications.

Fawn has created and volunteered at many charity events. She also strives to make a difference in the beauty industry by teaching fellow artists to connect inner and outer beauty with healthy eco-conscious aligned cosmetics. Fawn Monique’s personal mission is to never stop learning, to inspire artists in the beauty industry to use their craft to make a difference in the way that people view themselves. She’s making the world a beautiful place.

Contact Information:


Phone 570.656.7190