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Dee Dee Jones-McCuen

Makeup Artist

Columbus, OH. USA

Celebrity makeup artist Dee Dee Jones-McCuen has over 15 years of experience and has an incredible eye for “making faces beautiful one eyelash at a time.” Her clients include Bethany Frankel and Karen Burkhart, as well as politicians Joe Biden and John McCain.

Dee Dee started her makeup career by accident: while modeling at a very young age. she developed an interest in makeup and took up painting the faces of fellow models for cover shoots. Dee Dee later apprenticed with a few of her favorite artists, working for some of the largest cosmetic companies in the world. After gaining corporate exposure and experience, she took off on her own to create her own brand.

Dee Dee found that being a natural redhead caused quite a makeup and fashion challenge, and she strove to find the right makeup colors and techniques to enhance other women like her. Dee Dee is known for her attention to detail, creating faces with perfect brows, fresh skin, glamourous lashes and a perfect lip.

Dee Dee created Posh Pout, LLC in 2012 and plans to launch Posh Pout Cosmetics and Posh Skinceuticals in Spring, 2014.

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