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Courtney Akai

Eyelash Artisan and Makeup Artist

New York, NY. USA

Courtney’s journey began as a passionate teenager in cosmetology school, where she discovered that she not only had an eye for the aesthetic, but also a natural talent for its application.

Soon, she found herself learning new techniques as a makeup artist, first for Clinique and then Lancome, where she joined the makeup team at Lancome Studio 59, the only Bloomingdale’s supported, free-standing makeup store. Mentored by famed National Makeup Artist and Oprah Winfrey’s go-to makeup man, Courtney quickly became the top makeup artist at Lancome Studio 59.

Eager to continue learning new and different makeup techniques, Courtney enrolled in the Joe Blasco Makeup Academy; next stop: working with Bobbi Brown and notable modeling agencies, including Click, Wilhemina and Elite, where her talents became widely recognized. Courtney worked on several high-profile fashion shows, as well as broadcast outlets such as Business Week’s weekly broadcast, ABC and FOX networks,Discovery Channel and Spike.

Always on the cutting edge of beauty trends, Courtney jumped into the lash extension arena earning her advanced certification with NovaLash, the industry leader in lash extensions. A pioneer of the craft in New York City, she quickly co-founded and opened Uptown Girl, a Manhattan salon specializing in lash extensions. Courtney was featured on The Learning Channel’s “10 Years Younger” as a premier lash extension specialist.

Today, she is the proud owner of The Courtney Akai Lash Boutique, where her artistry and dedication to the craft is consistently featured in top media publications, such as The New York Post, OK Magazine, Lucky, New York Magazine’s Wedding Issue, Salon News and Launch Pad.

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Phone 212.226.2166