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Designer Scarves and a Feather Boa to Chemotherapy? Why not!

Actress, comedian and fierce breast cancer warrior Jenny Saldaña is no stranger to the spotlight. From appearing in films like “The Dictator” starring alongside Sacha Baron Cohen of “Borat”  fame and in HBO Latino’s “HABLA” series, to coaching cancer patients at New York Presbyterian Hospital, she was constantly in the public eye even during cancer treatment and needed to put her best face – and spirit – forward.

Jenny suffered many of usual side effects of breast reconstruction, chemotherapy and stress like hair loss, skin issues and soreness during her long recovery from breast surgery. Here are just a few of the strategies she used to look and feel great, spiked with her humor and love of life.

  • Have your friends buy you designer scarves if you don’t want to wear wigs (I felt more sick with the wigs on than off!). I always rocked designer “hair” while going through chemotherapy. Chanel, Versace, Burberry, Pucci, Gucci, Hermes…you get the picture. Vintage pieces are a good way to go if you don’t want to ask your friends to spend too much.
  • Get make up tips from a drag queen. Seriously! They know how to contour, create illusion and magic. If you don’t personally know one, watch “RuPaul’s Drag Race” for inspiration.
  • Bring or wear something you LOVE to your treatment: I rocked a feather boa.
  • Buy something you’ve always wanted but always denied yourself (even if it’s the cheap version)! For me, it was a pair of designer sunglasses.  They’re great hiding the ‘bald’ eyes and to keep the paparazzi away!
  • If retail therapy isn’t your thing, you can embolden yourself with makeup: try a new lipstick you once thought was too bright or do a smokey eye just to run errands.
  • Surrender to help. As women, we aren’t used to letting others do things for us. We want to help everyone. I’m sure some of you have had to comfort others about YOUR diagnosis! So learn to say: NO! I want. I need. Gimme!
  • Feel OK about getting out of the stuff you hate. Some obligations can really tax your body and spirit. “Hey, wanna come watch my home movies from when I was 12?” “I’d love to! But my cancer hurts.” The average ‘cancer civilian’ will usually respect your wish.  
  • A snug stretchy camisole (without a shelf bra) will be your best friend when you can’t wear a bra after surgery.
  • Rock your bald head proudly at least ONCE! (even if it’s at home). It liberated me.

Advice from Jenny Saldaña

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Designer Scarves and a Feather Boa to Chemotherapy? Why not! Actress, comedian and fierce breast cancer warrior Jenny Read More




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