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Issues During Cancer Treatment

Lucinda Ellery

International hair replacement expert.

London, England. UK, and Beverly Hills, CA. USA.

Like many women in the US, Lucinda Ellery experienced hair loss at a young age as a result of Alopecia Areata (AA). Lucinda started research into helping women who suffered from hair loss or thinning hair in 1984. It became apparent that there were different techniques available; including hair replacement prostheses which could help change the lives of women with hair loss issues.

Hair loss has a profound psychological and emotional impact on a woman’s being and nothing gives us more joy and satisfaction than to see you newly confident and looking your very best in a system designed specifically to suit your unique needs. Lucinda Ellery’s passion and dedication to helping people with hair loss has resulted in a proactive approach to management options. She started the company in Great Britain and has three regional offices in London England, Manchester England, and Edinburgh Scotland, employing over sixty staff in the UK. Having received a lot of interest from the US over the years, she decided the time was right to open a branch in Los Angeles and now plans to open a second US hair studio in New York.

Lucinda’s work has appeared in numerous national publications in both the UK and USA, including Cosmopolitan, Good Housekeeping, Woman’s Own, Easy Living and many more.

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