Your Comprehensive Guide to Aesthetic
Issues During Cancer Treatment

Fitness Experts

Exercise is a vital component of living a healthy life; during cancer treatment this is no exception. Cancer treatment may include specific physical exercise routines as part of healing; but it also may impact your ability to do traditional exercise or result in loss of motion and flexibility.

You may want to include a fitness expert as part of your treatment to help regain strength and mobility after surgery, increase energy levels, or learn techniques for flexibility and relaxation.

A personal trainer, physical therapist, fitness instructor, occupational therapist or other movement specialist can help you increase your physical fitness and well-being during treatment…and long after it is over.



Lockey Maisonneuve

Certified Cancer Exercise Specialist and founder of MovingOn
Garwood, NJ. USA

Lockey began her fitness career as a certified personal trainer. After discovering that the real work of healing mind and body starts when treatment ends, she created MovingOn, a rehabilitative exercise program for breast cancer patients.

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Marsha Therese Danzig

Yoga teacher, movement therapist, author, and founder of Fierce Joy
Hyannis, MA. USA

Marsha Danzig is a yoga instructor, RYT 500, movement therapist and life coach for Fierce Women. She is also the founder of Color Me Yoga®, a therapeutic program for children, and Founder of Yoga for Amputees.

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Carol Michaels

Cancer exercise specialist and personal trainer
Short Hills, NJ. USA.

Carol Michaels is the founder and creator of Recovery Fitness®, an exercise program designed to help cancer patients recover from surgery and treatments. She owns and operates Recovery Fitness and Carol Michaels Fitness in Short Hills, NJ.

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