Your Comprehensive Guide to Aesthetic
Issues During Cancer Treatment

Jennifer Alhasa

Cancer Coach, Energy Healer and Intuitive Life Coach

New York, New York. USA

Diagnosed with Advanced Breast Cancer at the age of 34, Jennifer learned she had a 40% chance of surviving more than 5 years. She woke up and radically recovered through traditional treatment, complimentary holistic modalities and full faith in the healing process.

Jennifer not only thrived but began a new calling as a Cancer Coach. Today, she works one-on-one with with patients at Hope Lodge, a no-cost “hotel” for cancer patients, and at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center with clients undergoing treatment in New York.

Jennifer notes: “Following a cancer diagnosis, the temptation to remain a victim is great. But that’s the time to reclaim personal power and maximize the healing opportunity! In doing so, people turn cancer into a catalyst for incredible transformation and growth in ALL areas of their lives. While there are many resources out there, looking WITHIN is the best place to start. That’s where I come in; I’m highly intuitive so I help clients get the underlying issue/imbalance that cancer came to address. When you can see that cancer is happening FOR you, not TO you, true healing begins. Combining my natural gifts, practical tools and life experience, I inspire clients to radically recover and claim a whole, conscious and joyous life.”

Jennifer has dedicated herself to developing and teaching her own advanced approach to transformation through Energy Healing and Intuitive Life Coaching. Happier, healthier and more hopeful, Jennifer’s clients move forward in life with greater peace, faith and joy. She also founded, produced and hosted her own radio show, Get Glowing, and appears frequently as a holistic healing expert in interviews.

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