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Fashion during Cancer Treatment

Celebrity stylist Colin Megaro is only 36 years old, but he has already battled and beat cancer three times.

Being in the fashion world forced Colin to maintain his usual high-style throughout treatment. However he notes: “…because I work in the luxury sector I rarely allowed myself to dress differently than I do everyday. It wasn’t my best idea, trust me!” Now, he emphasizes comfort as well as fashion:

1. On the days you want to get dressed it’s all about comfort and style. Yes, believe it or not it’s possible to have both at same time.

~Please make sure to take into account if you have had surgery, have a port or any restrictions in movement: choose pieces that are easy to put on, can be worn no matter what your weight and make you feel fabulous.

~Donna Karan makes great affordable jersey dresses which feel great against the skin and can be worn to treatment, doctor’s appointments and the office. Diane von Furstenberg wrap dresses are easy to wear, fashionable, and can be worn day or night. Her prints are sure to make you feel better every time you look in the mirror.

2. Have you had surgery? Healing from surgery is never easy, particularly when it is a surgery that changes how our body looks and feels.

~ Select items of clothing that float away from the body. A baby doll or empire waist can help disguise your chest if you have had breast surgery during the healing process. These styles look great while you to heal and can give you the opportunity to wear different types of undergarments, bras and so on, as needed.

~ Try buying a piece one size larger and have it tailored. By doing this you can create pieces to play up your assets and allow the extra room you need in sensitive areas.

~ Avoid pants/skirts that are fitted or zippered which can be uncomfortable because of swelling and weight changes. Opt for pieces with stretch, a smooth waistband in the front, and elastic in the back.

~ Choose clothing that doesn’t wrinkle easily. During your recovery you are going to rest or take naps during the day. Not having to change your outfit because it is wrinkled when you get up will help you feel better.

3. Color Therapy. It is scientifically proven that colors can change a person’s energy. A great way to perk up your complexion and help you feel better is to wear color close to your face. Color near the face automatically draws the eye upwards and away from any areas you wish to disguise. Think of cobalt blue, emerald greens and turquoise when selecting something to give you a lift.

~To keep it simple, just wear a soft scarf in a bright color.

~ Layer different colors. A soft turquoise top is stunning with a Kelly green cardigan and a gold cuff.


Fashion during Cancer Treatment Celebrity stylist Colin Megaro is only 36 years old, but he has already battled Read More




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