Your Comprehensive Guide to Aesthetic
Issues During Cancer Treatment


Cancer can be debilitating to the spirit as well as the body, and you may find that emotional support is helpful during cancer treatment.

Our experts include psychologists, clinical psychiatrists, clinical social workers and professional counselors, and can answer any questions about your feelings and emotional well being during cancer treatment.

Our emotional support experts diagnose and treat mental health issues and address well-being. They work to understand, prevent, and treat psychologically-based distress or dysfunction with the goal to improve physical health and patients’ lives, employing a variety of traditional and non-traditional techniques.

These include psychotherapy, cognitive-behavioral therapy, and psychiatric medication as well as hypnosis, guided imagery, art therapy, play therapy, animal-assisted therapy, meditation, and biofeedback. Our experts are trained and certified in their fields, and are experienced in helping treat and maintain the emotional health of cancer patients,



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