Your Comprehensive Guide to Aesthetic
Issues During Cancer Treatment


Surviving Beautifully was founded by a breast cancer survivor to provide expert answers for women with beauty and body issues during cancer treatment. Our aim is to give sophsticated, up-to-the-minute, compassionate and empowering advice from medical doctors and other experts.

Our team includes renowned oncologists, radiologists, general and plastic surgeons, oncology nurses, complementary and complementary medicine practitioners, aestheticians, hair stylists, makeup artists, fitness experts, counselors, dermatologists, dentists, nutritionists and celebrity survivors.

We provide advice on skin care, hair care, dental care, breast reconstruction, hair loss (alopecia), eyelash and eyebrow loss, nail issues, makeup application, physical fitness, nutrition, and wellness.

We provide the information you need to survive your way. Every day. How can we help?

Please email your questions on how to Survive Beautifully

How can we help?    Please email your questions on how to Survive Beautifully here



Introducing the founders of Surviving Beautifully

Lana Koifman

Founder of Surviving Beautifully

New York, NY. USA

Lana Koifman is a 5-year breast cancer survivor and owner of Koifman CPA, significant accounting firm in New York City.

A self-described math geek by day, glamor girl at night, Lana could not easily find answers to even her most basic beauty questions during her treatment. She soon found that her frustration was shared by many, and set out to provide a source for women like herself who wanted up-to-date, sophisticated information about aesthetic issues that arise during her cancer treatment.

In addition to heading up Surviving Beautifully, Lana privately counsels dozens of women who turn to her for beauty information, guidance, expertise, and most of all, inspiration and hope.

Victoria Tillotson, Ph.D.

Founder of Surviving Beautifullyv

New York, NY. USA

Victoria is author and educator. An academic by training and a noted jewelry designer, Victoria is the co-creator of Surviving Beautifully./

When her mother was diagnosed with a variant of cancer, she fully realized the need for comprehensive information to the beauty questions her mother faced during her fight. She now directs the research and writing of Surviving Beautifully, gathering experts and information to empower fighters.